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Gelderman February - March Newsletter is Available!

Published on February 23, 2018

This month featuring:

  • Pictures from Congress

  • Spotlight on the Snow Department

  • Message from the President

  • HR Update

  • News & Events

  • Health & Safety Update

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Welcome Frank & Bruce!

Published on February 21, 2018

Please join us in welcoming to our team, Frank Selles and Bruce Odell!

Frank has joined us as Branch Manager at our Guelph location, with 40+ years of landscaping experience including owning & running his own business.

Bruce joins the team as Branch Manager at our Waterdown location. He brings a fresh set of eyes to the landscape industry with a background in facility management.

Read more about our whole team here!

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Green Your Condo

Published on February 15, 2018

It's more than energy efficiency!

From our Landscape Designer, Chelsea Mills, the attached article discusses the importance and impact of a Green Condo. What better way to keep resident's happy then to surround them with natural beauty? Are you looking forward to spring? Chelsea provide's an example of a property in Mississauga that decided to use its abundant green spaces to provide its residents with gardens, patios, and lawns.

Click through to read more about it and think about the warm weather that's on the way!.

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Announcement - Salt Shortage

Published on February 9, 2018

Gelderman Landscape Services has reached out to our salt suppliers in an effort to maintain our salt supply through the salt shortage that is being felt.

We have received communications which we are sharing with you here from Legends Salt Supply Inc, Your Salt Connection and Draglam Salt describing these shortages. (Click through to see) Our suppliers are working with us to work out the best arrangement possible for our clients, however, as reserves are depleted, supply becomes limited for contractors as municipalities and cities become the top priority for public safety.

This salt shortage is being felt in a wide area: Ohio, Illinois, Michigan

We are working hard to maintain a supply of salt to service our customers, but given the current state, we do need to make some adjustments to our service.

We will be prioritizing the use of salt and de-icer on high priority areas such as front unit walks and walks that lead up to front entrances of the building. We are going to decrease the amount of salt we apply to roadways and parking areas as well. This is a change to our previous practice of salting during the snow events

There is a potential of price increases that come with a shortage of supply as demand increases. Currently, we have been able to maintain our prices as the rates you have been quoted, but that may not last if the salt shortage continues. In 2014, the salt shortage did create an increase in price, as we are reminded here, it more than doubled. Click through to see a letter from Federated Insurance describing our responsibilities in an event like this.

Gelderman Landscape Services experienced a shortage like this last in 2014 and since has been working to use different methods of de-icing. Because of climate change and our reliance on salt to combat the icy conditions, we can see that these alternative options will become more prevalent in the future.

Thank you for your patience & understanding, please contact your branch representative with any additional questions!

Update - more info here from Snow & Ice Management Association

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