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Commercial Property Maintenance

It's a Gelderman specialty. That means we provide all the services needed to make corporate, multi-residential and institutional properties look immaculate. And we take care pro-actively, to ensure every detail is always taken care of before it can become an issue. The services you need, the expertise you can count on.

Our account managers and crews are assigned properties long term so that they know the exact needs of their grounds, throughout the year, and there is more personalized and accountable care. And just as importantly, you’ll get to know your team better and come to count on them for sound advice and helpful suggestions.

Customer Testimonial

Gelderman were on-site yesterday and have done a fabulous job of putting our outdoor spaces to "rest" for the winter.

Condominium Board Member (Guelph, Ontario)

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Red Carpet Care Maintenance Program

Ongoing Maintenance

All the bases covered to ensure maximum convenience for you and the long-term health of your grounds, including:

  • Lawns cut
  • Trees, shrubs and plants trimmed
  • Garden beds cleaned, tilled and weeded
  • Green areas irrigated
  • Lawns raked regularly to remove debris,
  • Roads and parking lots power swept

Spring and Fall Cleanup

Spring cleanup is a landscape tune-up that makes a big visual improvement and readies your plant life for the growing season. Plants are pruned, lawns are raked and edged, garden beds are cleaned, mulched and edge-trimmed and parking areas are power swept. All debris is removed from your site and organic matter is composted.

In the fall, grounds are prepared for the winter with perennials cut back, beds cultivated, all grounds are cleaned of debris and dead material, and lawns are fertilized. If you also have a winter program is in place, curbs are staked and salt boxes are placed.

Seasonal Plantings

A colourful splash of flowers does wonders for a property’s curb appeal, creating order and commanding attention. Our horticultural experts and designers will work with you to develop and manage your colour program for every season.

Environmental Program for Healthy Lawns

Addressing the most fundamental needs of your green spaces, this includes soil analysis, fertilizing, topdressing and core aeration.

Give us a call to book a site visit for our review, recommendations and quote.

Smithers Quality Assessment Certified

Gelderman Landscape Services is SN 9001:2012 certified for snow removal. Benefits of adhering to this standard include limiting exposure to slip-and-fall litigation and focusing on end customer satisfaction.

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