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Commercial Irrigation & Water Management

Water is a limited (and costly) natural resource and we promote its wise use. We work with our clients to develop programs that conserve water, maintain healthy properties and save them money. From improving irrigation systems to suggesting appropriate drought-tolerant plants, we create properties that are attractive, climate-tough and cost-efficient.

Your water-wise, cost-wise irrigation system.

By using inground, automated irrigation, property owners ensure their green spaces remain lush and healthy all season, while benefitting from minimal manpower use and overall cost savings. Gelderman Landscape Services designs, installs and maintains inground systems for properties large and small.

Customer Testimonial

I have recently had them install an irrigation system at a property I manage and the outcome was very positive and completed to the Board’s expectation without disruption. They provide excellent irrigation system services.

Maria Desforges - Property Manager (Hamilton, Ontario)

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Can't seem to get your property looking great? Actually, overwatering and badly timed irrigation could be part of the problem. Automated systems consistently deliver the right amount of water for the area, at the best time of the day. Gelderman uses the latest irrigation equipment to deliver the most precise, effective use of water.

We’ll make sure your lawns and gardens always have the water they need, even as demands change throughout the season.