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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - Salt & Ice Melt Shortages

During the past several weeks with the unprecedented number of snow and ice storms across North America, there is a major shortage of salt and ice melt products.

Several factors are causing this as all reserves are now tapped and resupply of reserves affected by roads from Goderich (salt mine) being closed by Police order, as well as thick ice preventing even ships from accessing harbours to be able to be loaded! Currently, municipalities like City of Toronto are on the top of the list, which leaves Landscape Contractors like ourselves the first to feel the negative influences of supply. (

As of January 15, 2014, we are experiencing a significant increase of 80% in the cost of salt, and/or have been told that we can only have a limited supply each day. Some of our suppliers are preserving their supply by mixing salt with sand in order to extent their reserves, however this product is not as effective as salt for melting ice & snow, and it will require us to use more product for good effect on your properties.

Your contract with Gelderman Landscape Services includes these 2 clauses:

  1. Government mandated regulations, or other factors or supply shortages may alter the availability of salt. Gelderman Landscape Service cannot accept liability in these situations. Alternative materials may be required, and will be discussed at that time.
  2. The contract/application prices are based on stable salt /material supplies. If salt/material supplies change due to supply shortages, government mandated regulations or other factors contract/application prices will also change

Effective January 15, 2014 all contracts/properties including the All Inclusive type will be receiving surcharges for salting throughways and de-icing of driveways and sidewalks.

"Black Asphalt” of your throughways, driveways and sidewalks is not possible at this time!