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2016 LO Awards of Excellence: Residential Construction Submission

We submitted the design & subsequent landscaping of this two-story, brick façade house in Oakville for consideration for the LO Awards of Excellence: "Residential Construction - $10,000 to $25,000."

Project Summary:

This cozy backyard was a diamond in the rough! This modern patio has become a dream oasis; an instant getaway for the homeowner. The key features in this landscape include a sleek new patio that offers space for a conversational scene or relaxing that is softened overall by a plant border to complete the zen-like feeling

This family residence is located in Oakville, ON. This two storey brick façade house is part of a recently built townhouse complex. The homeowner was eager to create a landscape to call her own.

The homeowner’s main focus for landscaping was the backyard since they love to spend time outdoors relaxing and entertaining.

The homeowner’s wish list for their new landscape includes:

  • A modern style landscape design
  • Space for relaxing and entertaining
  • Low maintenance trees and perennials to add all season colour