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End the Stigma - Mental Health First Aid Training

Chances are that someone you know is struggling with their mental health.

One in three Canadians‎ will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime. They could be a family member, friend, co-worker, client or customer. It could even be happening to you‎.

We asked our staff:

  • Would like to know how to help someone showing signs of a mental health problem?
  • Would you like to know how to respond to someone experiencing a mental health crisis?
  • Would you like to be taught to recognize the signs and symptoms of a Mental Health problem?

Last fall, Gelderman staff participated in Mental Health First Aid Training, a two-day course delivered by Pat Thacker from Everyone Matters. Information about mental health problems, effective treatments, ways to access professional help and ways to respond to someone experiencing a mental health problem or a mental health crisis was discussed. Pat believes that teaching Mental Health First Aid is the best way to share the message that Everyone Matters.