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Astounding Rainfall Statistics for 2017

This spring and summer our crews have spent many days working through the rain and waiting out thunderstorms as they passed over the region.

We thought we’d take a look and find out– how wet has this season really been?

Click through to see the rainfall accumulation this season compared to last year.

We collected data from Environment Canada to create these charts. As you can see, we had 3 times the amount of rain this past May than we did last year! In fact, our entire spring accumulated precipitation was far higher.

Summer of 2016 was hot and dry, but this year brings its own challenges. While the moisture helps lawns to establish in the spring, the continued high amounts of precipitation into the summer create poor conditions for lawn maintenance. Working through some rain is no problem for our maintenance crews, but the grass tends to get torn up much quicker! Usually at this time of year, we will start to see plants go dormant in the heat, however, that is not the case this season. The weeds also love the moisture and we are seeing more resilient weeds this season than last.

Looking forward to seeing what weather August brings!