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Report a Hazard - Win a Gift Card!

Gelderman is serious about safety - and about recognizing our safety superheroes!

Yesterday, our Waterdown Branch and Support Centre had their monthly town halls. Every month, each person who has submitted a report is entered into a draw in their department, and the winner receives a $25 gift card. Nathan (President) was able to present 4 different people with a gift card to recognize their commitment to reporting near misses and hazards.

Our Health & Safety apps are new this year and we have seen more than 200 reports submitted since the beginning of the year! This is an incredible jump as normally we wouldn't see this many over the course of 2 years (according to Linda, our H&S Manager). Identifying the hazards is only the first step. Our process includes follow up to ensure that these hazards and "almost accidents" are not reported and forgotten. Our management team has a real task dealing with the follow up on all of these hazards - what a great challenge to have!

Click through to see the winners!