Congratulations to our Dale Carnegie Graduates!

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We are pleased to congratulate the following Gelderman employees for graduating from the Dale Carnegie Communications Course in 2013: Jason Atherton, Adam Braun, Jason Felker, Andrew Helder, Darryl Hummel, Chris Langendoen, Shawn Lefebvre, Brandi McDonough, and Chris Mace.

Fall and winter are times when we take the opportunity to see where we can improve ourselves in the many facets of our business. Education and training are ways our staff stay up-to-date in the latest development of construction and grounds maintenance techniques. Having a knowledgeable staff ensures that we can provide the best quality and service; and continue to be a leader in the landscape industry.

This training will provide our customers with superior communication from all of our crew leaders and staff.

Congratulations and good work everyone!