Gelderman Landscape Services Hosts First Client Services Advisory Meeting

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We would like to thank all those who participated in Gelderman Landscape Services first Client Advisory Meeting on March 12th 2014!

Facilitated by Jeffery Scott, four property management clients were led through a series of questions regarding the “good”, the “should” and the “must improves” of Gelderman’s services. We were so pleased with the excellent feedback we received that we had to share it with you.

Let’s Start with the Good. When asked “why do you choose to work with Gelderman?” the top three reason’s we were given were:

  1. Our approach and appearance are professional
  2. We ask the right questions in order to understand client needs
  3. Our quality of work

Getting down to business. Jeffery followed up by asking what we’ve all been wondering; “What should Gelderman be doing to improve our service?” Here’s what we heard:

  1. We need to adjust (friendly way of saying reduce) our enhancement pricing
  2. We need to be more consistent with our level of services; you’d like us to follow our scope of work and not provide service above and beyond intermittently which increases unit owner expectations
  3. You’d like more proactive emails from Account Managers; you’d like to hear more frequent updates from your Account Managers

At Gelderman we believe in goal setting. From this meeting we’ve set 3 action items and we need your help in holding us accountable for achieving our 3 goals.

  1. Revise our pricing module for enhancement services
  2. Implement training for our crew leaders and supervisors in order to increase awareness of consistency in following scope of work
  3. Communication allowing account managers to provide more proactive emails

Over the next year and a half Gelderman will work diligently to achieve our goals and to continue to provide the level of service that you appreciate. We are committed to staying true to our growth plan and understand that staff and systems must be in place to support our growth. We ask that you continue to provide feedback, all your support is greatly appreciated!

We will be conducting our next Client Advisory Meeting in the fall of 2015 and we will be counting on you to hold us accountable for our action items!