Lecture Series with John Brookes

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Easily one of the most influential garden designers of our time, John Brookes came across the pond to share his experience and love of garden design.

John delivered two lectures at the Toronto Botanical Gardens, one on February 24th describing designs he’s installed around the world including locations such as England, Russia, Japan and the United States. John displayed before and after pictures of country estates highlighting specific design elements. This included ponds with natural shapes to mimic the contours of the country sides, swales to create noise barriers and privacy, as well as how you can mimic shapes and dimensions of the house to create walkways and garden beds.

On February 25th he presented how the design process works from start to finish.
This included the steps a designer would take from meeting a client to selling the design and working with contractors during installation. He made sure to describe the point of view of the designer as well as the point of view of the client so that the audience got a perspective as to what they should expect from both sides of the process.

At the end of both lectures John was happy to answer questions from the audience and autograph books. On a personal note, I was thrilled to meet John because when I first learned how to landscape design I found his design style, methods and projects to be very inspiring. Through his books, he helped me to discover my passion for design and influenced me in developing my own design style.
Well done John Brookes!

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Post contributed by Andrea Weddum, Landscape Designer

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