Spring Enhancements – Gardens That Connect

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Throughout out the spring season Gelderman’s Breslau location completed several garden enhancements.

As part of our vision improve the quality and visual impact of the spaces that we inhabit we took advantage of these opportunities to make gardens that really connect with our clients. Two such instances were for Torrance Creek Village in Guelph and FedEx Ground’s distribution centre in Cambridge. We were given a budget to work with and carte blanche to really make these sites shine.

### Torrance Creek Village

The backdrop to the Torrance Creek community is the Torrance Creek Watershed, which provides a picturesque vista of a diverse ecosystem. The entrance to this community is flanked on either side with a brick monument sign and garden beds. The plant material in these areas lacked colour and interest. We removed the existing shrubbery and replaced it with plant material that was bright, fragrant, and would attract wildlife like birds and butterflies.

### FedEx Ground – Cambridge

For the FedEx Ground Distribution Centre in Cambridge the goal was to soften the industrial rigidity of the warehouse setting and add a focal point for those who would be coming and going from the facility – staff and patrons alike. The existing plant material at the front entrance did not serve this purpose well. It was important for us to make a connection between the new garden we were creating and the client we were creating it for. We achieved this by using a colour palette that related to the companies corporate logo. A mix of Orange and Purple Echinacea filled the space in front of the widow and was edged with a specimen Cedar and Golden Ninebark. Orange Daylilies and Purple Veronica filled the remaining space

We can’t wait for these plants to fill in.

“*In Spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.* – Margaret Atwood

Hope you all enjoyed your spring.


*Post contributed by [Adam Braun](https://gelderman.com/company/team/58/adam-braun), Breslau Branch Construction Crew Leader*

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