We’re Expanding Our Service!

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Gelderman Landscape Services is pleased to announce that we have expanded by opening several new branch locations in order to better serve our clientele.

These locations include Guelph, Kitchener, Mississauga and our head office remaining in Waterdown. All locations will offer our red carpet services of landscape maintenance, design, construction and snow removal.

For our Guelph branch we would like to formally announce our new Branch Manager [Mark Conrad](https://gelderman.com/company/team/84/mark-conrad). Mark comes to us with experience in maintenance and snow removal as well as years of golf course maintenance. We are pleased to welcome him into the Gelderman family.

Secondly, we wish to announce [Martin Horsman](https://gelderman.com/company/team/11/martin-horsman) as our Kitchener Branch Manager. Martin started working for Gelderman in 1983 and has shared his extensive knowledge and passion of landscape maintenance through the years. When this position opened, Martin was the natural choice to fill this important role.

Thirdly we would like to congratulate [Scott Maxwell](https://gelderman.com/company/team/38/scott-maxwell) on becoming the Mississauga Branch Manager. Scott started at Gelderman as one of our irrigation specialists and has remained driven to develop further job experience and customer service. Scott has been our Mississauga Maintenance Account Manager in Waterdown the past few years so managing in Mississauga will aid him in serving our customers better.

Last but not least we are proud to announce that [Mike Deboer](https://gelderman.com/company/team/4/mike-deboer) is our new Branch Manager for our head office in Waterdown. Mike shares his dedication and passion for lawn and garden maintenance which is why he has been our Maintenance Account Manager for the Burlington area. We are looking forward to his leadership and development in his new role.