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Our Policies

Environmental Policy

Respect for the environment is at our core.
After all, it’s our workplace…and our canvas.

Gelderman Landscape Services is committed to environmental stewardship. Attention to our natural world plays a prominent role in how we conduct ourselves in business, with our customers, staff, community, and suppliers. Here are some examples of how we put it into action:

  • Employee education – employees are trained in safety, waste reduction and the proper use and application of products.
  • Landscape design – consideration is given to the amount of green space, trees and native plants in our landscape designs. All help to reduce CO2 levels and increase the levels of oxygen.
  • Organic waste – grass clippings and brush are recycled at our yard, an effective and practical use of waste.
  • Non-organic waste – job site waste is minimized and recycled wherever possible.
  • Equipment – lawn mowing equipment is fuel-injected and equipped with catalytic converters which eliminates more than 95% of carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides.
  • Equipment maintenance – equipment lines are well maintained and replaced every five years.
  • Equipment operation – only clean-burning fuels are used to reduce emissions.
  • Products – natural product alternatives are used.
  • Environmental Program for Healthy Lawns pro-active soil care and alternatives to pesticides are promoted.
  • Employee awareness – environmental awareness is encouraged among our employees as well as working in an environmentally friendly manner.