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Chris Wilbur

Landscape Enhancements Crew Leader

A jack-of-all-trades, Chris has worked in the horticulture and landscape field since 2004, doing everything from sales to landscaping, brick laying, designing, and plant diagnosis. He has an extensive knowledge of weed identification, grass species, native trees and plants, phytotoxic chemicals and pests, and how they interact with each other and their environments.

Chris honed his customer service skills through 8 years working in garden centres and nurseries, and received his Horticultural Technician certification at St. Clair College.

On his own time, Chris maintains an extensive collection of temperate (native and rare) as well as tropical plant species which he has found through research, travel & by word of mouth. Chris joined the maintenance team of our Waterdown Branch as a Customer Service Technician in 2015.