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Residential Cabanas & Outdoor Rooms

Enjoy the comforts of indoors with all the beauty of outdoors.

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Nothing gives the sense of a luxurious escape like a backyard cabana. And with so many types of outdoor rooms to choose from – cabana, gazebo, pavilion, or covered verandah – there is sure to be the perfect option to fulfill your dreams of blissful relaxation.

Any structure can be incorporated into your outdoor area so that it is an impressive centerpiece or a discreet hideaway. Keep in mind too, a single structure can be designed for multiple uses. More than just a lounge area, it might include a change room, bar area, garden shed, shower, or even summer bedroom, whichever uses are best for you and your guests.

Outdoor rooms can also serve to increase privacy or close off an unwelcome view. By closing in one or two walls and strategically placing the structure, you can really achieve a sense of your own private oasis.

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