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Residential Landscape Lighting

See your home in a whole new light.

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An artfully designed home lighting system can give your house and property a whole new beauty. Strategically placed units can highlight aspects of your home that just aren’t appreciated the same way in the light of day.

And why not get the most out of your outdoor living areas? No need to head back inside, or end the party early, when your lighting can highlight all the right areas. Add a little ambient lighting for lounging areas, functional lights in the kitchen and bar areas, accent lighting for garden edges, and even fire lamps to provide both warmth and a magical glow!

Of course, lighting will add an important level of safety and security to your property too, making the nighttime navigation of paths and steps easier, and reducing the opportunity that dark, well-hidden areas provide for intruders.

We invite you to look through some of our past projects (below) to get you started on ways lighting might be used for your property. Then give us a call. We’re happy to discuss the possibilities.

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