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Residential Water Features

Make your landscape the perfect escape.

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There are so many options when it comes to water features. From elaborate and multi-dimensional to small and simple. From lush and tropical, to contemporary, to something befitting an Italian estate garden. Gelderman Landscape Services has the skill and creativity to design the water feature that you’ll find most rewarding.

Moving water features and fountains can be beautifully incorporated into an inground pool design for a dramatic, natural oasis effect. By using stone and rockery of all sizes, strategically placed plant beds and plantings, we can create a waterfall garden that adds both structural presence and natural beauty.

Garden ponds and fountains can be a wonderful source of pleasure, both to see and to hear. Clients often comment that they get more enjoyment from the addition of a pond than they had expected. People plan to enjoy the water and bird life that comes with having a pond, and to spend time relaxing nearby, but they often don’t consider how beautiful it is to look out anytime from inside the house to see a little natural oasis in their backyard.

We’re happy to discuss the many possibilities in water features, and the one that might be best for you and your home.

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