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Diane Atrens

Burlington, Ontario

I want to thank all the guys in the crews that have done work here this past Friday and the one before for the absolutely wonderful job they did in getting my lawn cut and everything in great shape. Previous weeks, Ken and the guys did a lot of clean-up of beds, trimming and cutting back to get a good start despite such miserable weather - another great job!

May 23rd - Ken and the crew did a great job of assessing what could be cut due to wet conditions in so many places with my heavy clay which retains moisture .... they managed to very successfully cut around the house and in front of the barn and island in the driveway and island in the large pond to give me a 'cleaned up' look which is very much appreciated.

May 20th - not only was Ken and his crew here but also another crew and starting early Friday and going to late Friday afternoon, they were able to not only cut everything from one end of property to the other but the cut was really well done with few cuttings left around -- what a challenge this must have been to get this end result since my grass was so long!

I just want everyone to know that sometimes I am tough with criticism but when things go well, it is especially important to also let people know of a job very, very well done and that it’s very, very much appreciated.

I have been blessed with having such great maintenance of my property(s) going back to 1993 with Gelderman....I have been blessed with people doing work here who really care...I have been blessed with people giving advice on how to make things better...I have been blessed with people willing to work around my challenges such as wet clay conditions...

I would give you Friday the 6th off as a thank you but somehow I already see that my lawn is going to be quite long yet again with spring growth and another challenging lawn care day.

Again – my thanks – very, very much appreciated!!!!