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Maria Desforges - Property Manager

Hamilton, Ontario

I have had the pleasure to have been dealing with Gelderman Landscape Services since I entered the property management field in 1994.

They have services quite a few properties that I have managed and have had an excellent relationship with the Staff and Management of Gelderman. The properties I managed who have had Gelderman taking care of their grounds have been very pleased with the quality of work; the interest the crew takes in making sure the work is done with care and properly and the response time in dealing with concerns. I can tell the difference in the overall landscape appearance in properties maintained by Gelderman. The management staff are very easily accessible and respond immediately, if there are concerns especially in the winter months during the snow clearing season.

I have recently had them install an irrigation system at a property I manage and the outcome was very positive and completed to the Board’s expectation without disruption. They provide excellent irrigation system services.

I have also used their landscape design service, which has also been a very positive experience with the expertise knowledge of their staff!

They are a company that I have done business with for the last 19 years and will continue to work with them on a long term basis, due to their reliability, their response time and their quality of work.

Maria Desforges, RCM, ACCI
President, J & W Condominium Management Ltd